Monday, March 17, 2008

Where to from here

Well, it's quite obvious that this blog is an absolutely neglected barren environment since the end of last year..... I started it in an attempt to experience blogging, while on my path to find ways to make an income on the internet.

Life got somewhat in the road and this poor little blog got left behind. So now, I must decide what to do with it? Should I continue or just let it fade off into the distance with all its fellow long forgotten blog cousins that retire into the vast internet landscape......

If I continue the blog, what format should it take, what do I want to get out of it? What topics should I cover... (well motherhood..der!!) Do I have the time to dedicate to a blog???

I will think about it a little over the next couple of days... I am thinking I may use this blog as my therapy session.... you see most of the time it's just me and three kids together at home.... I NEVER and I mean NEVER get alone time, very rarely socialise with other adults, and perhaps all those crazy thoughts that go around in my head at a million miles an hour with nowhere to be vented can be put here??

Oh man I am rambling... I will be back ......