Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ian Fernando........ Revolution!!!

Well, as I mentioned Previously I have been learning all about Wordpress, web hosting and how to do self installs and maintenance of wordpress itself.... It has been one exciting journey and all to serve a purpose:

To start an internet "project" of sorts with a friend. It has the potential to turn into an income for us, but first and foremost will be just for fun, so we'll see how it goes and grows.

What I am REALLY excited about is that, in developing our idea, I have been on the hunt for the perfect Wordpress theme which I found!!! Revolution by Brian Gardner

Then just to add to my excitement, as I was about to purchase the theme (its a premium theme, not just a freebie) I came across this great site and he is actually GIVING away 2 copies, one of Revolution News Theme and the other of Revolution Theme in a contest!!!! Who knows if I will win, but it would be AMAZING if it happened :D

If you'd like to have a chance to win, all you need to do is go to Ian Fernando's Blog and follow the instructions in his post. There's also lots of other great info on the blog too, so stop for a while and take a look around :)

Good Luck Everyone :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Going to be an AUNTY :)

OMG!!! I am so so very excited. One of my BEST friends is pregnant. NOBODY else knows except for me, her and her partner. He didn't want to tell anybody but she managed to convince him that she really did need one friend to talk to about it, and who better qualified than me LOL, having been through it 3 times, I should be able to give her most answers she needs.

I am so very very very happy for them. She seperated a couple of years ago from her husband, we all went to school together, so it was hard and in some ways split our group of friends heading in other directions, but as fate would have it she met a lovely guy and they are really really happy together.

To be honest I was getting a little eager to have another bub of my own, which I never expected would happen....... Now I feel no desire to go down that path as I can enjoy her journey. I just really wish she lived closer, but thank god for email and digital cameras for belly photo updates :D

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Busy Learning :D

I am looking really forward to what the next few months might hold. So what's happening?

WELL, I have taught myself SO SO much over the last few weeks and after alot of hard work and focus I feel I have finally started to progress in a direction I am happy with :D

So what have I taught myself to do???? Well I got myself some web hosting, a domain name for a site I have wanted to have a dabble in for a while, AND I taught myself how to upload and install wordpress. Now I have my eyes on a few themes that I think will suit my goal, and even BETTER, I might be undertaking a little side project with a friend which is really really exciting.

Its amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. As a mother I do find it sort of frustrating that I have very little time to just sit down and put my head fully into something, but while its taken me some time to achieve I am so proud of what I have accomplished.

Fingers crossed I can get the sites up and running and in 12 months I can look back and totally amaze myself with how far my skills in wordpress have evolved :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

I absolutely adore this photo of my 3 littlies that I snapped at the beach last weekend..... It's going to be a hot summer here this year but I am really looking forward to afternoon visits to the rock pools.... I really miss that over winter, and so do the kids :) Happy Wordless Wednesday(hmm I always manage to have to write something so guess its not too wordless LOL)

Help me Realise a dream!!! Please vote :)

Quite a while ago I began reading Carrie Lauth's Blog and I was SO very excited not so long ago to see that she was actually GIVING away, (yes you read correctly) an old site of her's that she no longer has time to develop......

In order to enter the contest people were asked to leave a comment on the blog as to why they would like the site.... I was the second person to post and decided to Write a little poem: Please find my poem below and if you have a tiny spare moment could you please Click here and comment on Carrie's blog to vote for Busy Me!! (aka Loreena) Lol

I love crafting and while I don't have the time to do alot of it, it's one of those things in life that give me "me time" and enjoyment, knowing I have created something beautiful with my own hands. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to sell my creations to friends..... I have such a huge vision for the site, I would really love the opportunity to prove myself :)

(HUGE thanks for your time if you have read this far.... :D :D)

So here is my entry poem I posted on Carrie's Blog :)

BUSY ME!!! said...

There’s so much more that I can be,
That’s something I am beginning to see.
I am a dedicated wife, and mother,
Try to be respectful to others.

But lately I have had a need
To find something that is missing it seems,
It’s a business venture I’m working at growing,
But how I do need help to get it going.

Sitting in my lounge is a serger and sewer,
Some beads, Felt, yarn, and acrylic paints among others.
My dream would be to have a business that combines
All of these things and business success also in my life

I’m first to admit as a mother of 3
Time is something that more of I need.
You see, other than my family, my passions are
Craft and the internet by far.

I’ve always wondered how,
to combine both for business and fun.
A site like this would fulfill my dreams,
I am confident I’m the one.

I would pledge from the day I was owner,
To raise the site as if it were my own child,
To dedicate, time, finances and effort,
To absolutely enjoy and be dedicated, body, soul and mind.

I’m not an absolute internet wiz,
But I have a strong, keen mind and learn rather quick.
I have a business background, but now am a full time mum
And I have such a strong feeling, my life’s journey has just begun.

Not much more that I can tell you,
Except thankyou for your time, If you vote for me, I wouldn’t disappoint you.

Tackle It Tuesday :)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Ok, so today's Tackle It Tuesday revolves around my "virtual life". I am working on a few "projects" at the moment and there's much work to be done. Therefore, today I am tackling this blog, as well as developing a couple of other sites I have ideas for, and doing some "paid" work for the new "virtual assistant" position I have recently started.

Today is really the beginning for a bunch of goals I have that really need to be completed by the end of the week...

Oh and don't think for one minute I am missing out on all the joy's and the wonder's of housework LOL... yesterday on hubby's day off we spent the day together rearranging our wardrobe AND the kids wardrobes, the linen cupboard, and re-arranged our bedroom.. PHEW, I am tired again just thinking about it :D

Happy Tackle It Tuesday everyone :D

Monday, October 1, 2007

First things first :)

Ok, ok, I know I have been SSSSOOOOO behind with posting, but I am sure you are all with me when I say that sometimes "real life" just demands so much attention that your "online" life gets pushed to the side a little??

Well,,,, IIIIIIIIIIII'''MMMMMMMMMM BBBBAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK, stronger and better than ever, here to post about my life as boring or interesting as that may be LOL!!! :)

So to finish off myTeenage Saga which began here... and then followed with some "tough love" .... here's how it all ended!!!

Picture this: I am standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes, the 2 girls (having just gotten out of bed at 1pm) are sitting on my sofa planning a road trip and discussing how they had enough money for petrol for the car, food, alcohol, cigarettes, to get a new tattoo!!!!! They oh so kindly told me that they would be going away while my mother came to stay for the weekend (something that is another story all of its own!!) and they would wander back in this direction in a few days (oh so nice of them I know!)

While their little discussion was taking place, the older of the girls says "I still don't know if we will have enough money" and the younger one says "yeah we do, we just figured it out, and we will be staying here when we get back so it'll be cool!!"

At this point I am standing there FUMING!!! I certainly wasn't aware of the fact that staying here equaled free food and board, so obviously I had missed something!!!! So on they continue with their little discussion about how much money that had been paid today and how much fun it was going to be (keep in mind that they had been staying a week eating every meal here and had only contributed one carton of milk to the household!!) when they stopped chatting to ask "what do you think??????"

Oh my!! What a temptation, so I repeat to them "what do I think???" "yes" they reply....... "Do you REALLY want to know?" was my next question to them!!! Oh so stupidly they replied "yes"

I was actually SHAKING at this point!!!! For ease of reading I will list in point form what my advice and opinion was.... ;)

*** "I think you were offered a place to stay while you looked for a job and somewhere to rent, now as far as I can see you haven't really made much of an effort to do either"

*** "You have been invited into somebody's home, moved into a little boy's room, which is totally fine, but you show no respect by attempting to help out, contribute to the household or motivate yourselves to get employment or accommodation as soon as possible"

*** Somewhere the youngest of the girls replies "oh but we HAVE looked for jobs" now this doesn't sit well with me and I calmly reply "sleeping in until lunchtime, heading to the beach, having another nap, then leaving the house mid afternoon to "job hunt" after which you come home touch up your makeup and go and hang out with boys is not job hunting in my book"

*** "You are MORE than welcome to stay here, as a matter of fact, I don't mind feeding you at all IF and I repeat IF you were showing responsibility!!! You can't just decide to move to another town and expect other people to pay your way, at some point you must take responsibility"

*** "As I said, you are totally welcome to stay here, but in return I would like to see you up at a decent time in the morning and making some effort towards getting employment and accommodation... if that takes weeks then so be it, as long as you are making effort I don't mind!!"

So basically that's what I said.... they went fairly quiet after I said it, hopped in the shower and went straight into town to the job agencies. One of them even lined up an interview (which of course she never did end up attending).... They came home a day later and announced that they would be going on a holiday and wouldn't be staying with us, that Mr 4 could have his room back and they would figure something out!!

You have NO IDEA how bad I felt...... I really needed to say it though, and while I was firm with them I didn't raise my voice or yell, I just told them how I saw it, and i know in a way I did them a favour, because at some point we all have to learn that to make it in life requires effort.... but i couldn't help but have a few tears to my hubby who assured me that if I hadn't said anything we would have had boarders here for the next 6 months :D

I think he has definately learnt his lesson, I dare say he will not be inviting people to stay with us in that situation any time soon....

I must say... I totally absolutely feel like an "old fart" saying stuff like that... I remember how fun and carefree it felt to be a teenager, but there's only so much I can allow them to take advantage of a situation when its affecting my kids and my family...... looks like I am officially a "grown up" PMSL!!!!!