Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Well, this is the result from my Study - I did this for Tackle it Tuesday to help get me motivated, it's not the best, but it's my first ever collage in photoshop, trying to learn and remember the techniques to use is hard (especially when given not so great photos to work with lol) but exciting :)

Have a great Wordless Wednesday!

Tackle it Tuesday - STUDY!!

Well, plenty of my time has been taken up over the last few months, trying to launch a business, look after the family and STUDY!!!

I am completing a Dip. Multimedia, but I always seem to be behind :(

Just as I sit down to get started you can be sure one of the kids will need something, or Mr 14 months will want some boob, so the progress is slow.

Sometimes I feel like I am stretching myself so thin that I just want to give up on it all, but I'm not one just to lie down and give up, so this Tackle It Tuesday is dedicated to STUDY!!!

I would really rather be cleaning (and if you knew me and saw my house you would realise what a stretch it is for me to say that LOL!!)

So, for today's Tackle it Tuesday I have succesfully finished 2 assignments, one on photo restoration and one on photo collages.... I feel like such an idiot trying to find my way around photoshop, but at the same time I am excited to think about what I might be able to accomplish a year from now.

I hope everyone else has a great tackle it tuesday!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm upset over teeth!!

Can you believe it? The subject of teeth and I am upset!!!

You see, my kids have bad teeth. When my son was 2 it cost us over $2000 for him to go to hospital and have all his teeth repaired. Keeping on top of his teeth problems has been an ongoing problem, but I think we have (almost).

He isn't scared of the dentist so has gone to have a couple of fillings replaced and is so brave!! He's 5 now and his first adult molars are starting to come through and I am scared!!

Let me just say before I go on that we don't let our kids drink alot of cola's or fizzy drinks, they don't live on a high sugar diet, I don't even give them fruitjuice!!! They drink milk and water and have an alround pretty ok diet, not perfect but pretty good.

Our kids brush their teeth every day and STILL problems :( I have friends and family who feed their kids absolute CRAP never brush their teeth and they don't have half the dental issues our family faces.

So anyway the other day I look at Miss 3's teeth and what do I find but a big cavity on her back molar, I amost cried. I feel so responsible!!

Now the thing is, that it really sux, and that some of the problem is genetic, they have crap teeth and we will do the best we can to keep on top of the problem, but I mean christ, thousands of dollars a year in dental bills is so hard to cope with.

Hubby and i don't have good teeth either so we are in the midst of spending alot of money getting ours fixed and it just pisses me that I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The dentist that did the original work to my little boy's teeth said it is a problem that will be a continual battle, but I didn't think it would quite be such an uphill one.

So I feel like the worst parent on earth, and i know If I did nothing and let their teeth just rot out of their heads then THAT would be bad, but I can't help but feel responsible for their dental problems.

Ok I am just ranting now, but we don't have thousands of dollars to spend, you know one day I would like a bigger car or to buy a house, but between us all, and this is no exaggeration we probably have about 5 thousand dollars in dental work to have done.

I know there are worse medical conditions in the world to be cursed with, but it's crap when you try and do the right thing and it just blows up in your face all the time.

I guess at least our dentist will love us, we are helping pay for his retirement for sure LOL...

Ok, I'm back!!

I have been in exile long enough.... struggling with a mountain of motherhood duties, study and trying to start an online business..... so much of me feels like I am drowning but I know that through all this hectic struggle that the results are going to be great.

I am going to be qualified as a multimedia designer, I will be working from home and helping my family and while I will NEVER be the perfect mother I will continue slogging away and trying to do my best.

What I have realised is that I need a place just to vent, to be myself, to let everything out, to socialise with other mum bloggers, and you know I still get visitors coming to this blog even though I pretty much desserted it!!!

I am in love with wordpress and having my own domains and hosting, and i would love to move this blog somehow and I might, but i guess for now, staying here and writing here is great, it's a reflection of the start of my online journey.

The beginning, before I understood web hosting, websites, ftp, blogging.. wow it's been a journey and I guess I will write something about that soon, a reflection of past, acknowledgment of present and my goals for the future....

Now, If i remember rightly, tomorrow is tackle it tuesday and BOY do I have some big tasks to complete....... I am really looking forward to reconnecting.

Hope this post finds you well, whoever you are reading this out in blogging land xx