Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are your kids Cyber Orphans?

I was chatting to a friend on msn the other night, as you do..... and we started discussing our computer and internet habits and how it affects our parenting.

One thing we both realised we have in common is that some days our children are virtual "cyber orphans". What were we talking about?

If you are a stay at home mum or really any mum or dad that spends alot of time on the computer or online for any reason i bet you can find something in common with our story.

You are engrossed in an idea, a work project or "important" chat conversation, when in the background you hear your kids talking to you. You answer them with a robotic, "yeah, sure, as soon as I am finished here"..... fast forward 15 minutes and this time you hear a louder insisting little voice..... "I said hang on, mummy won't be long!"

You get where I am going.... think about how often you've been in this situation with your own kids?

It's so easy to get swept away in our computers and the world wide web that sometimes we lose sight of what should really be important.

The goal for today and for every day from now is to look your children in the eye when they speak to you, if they have a need fulfill it immediately, take the time to read a book with them.
No, my children aren't neglected, nor will they EVER be neglected but i can guarantee you at times I am guilty of allowing my children to become "cyber orphans" even if just for a short while. I am mum enough to admit it, and woman enough to try and be conscious of it and change it.