Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Help me Realise a dream!!! Please vote :)

Quite a while ago I began reading Carrie Lauth's Blog and I was SO very excited not so long ago to see that she was actually GIVING away, (yes you read correctly) an old site of her's that she no longer has time to develop......

In order to enter the contest people were asked to leave a comment on the blog as to why they would like the site.... I was the second person to post and decided to Write a little poem: Please find my poem below and if you have a tiny spare moment could you please Click here and comment on Carrie's blog to vote for Busy Me!! (aka Loreena) Lol

I love crafting and while I don't have the time to do alot of it, it's one of those things in life that give me "me time" and enjoyment, knowing I have created something beautiful with my own hands. Sometimes I am even lucky enough to sell my creations to friends..... I have such a huge vision for the site, I would really love the opportunity to prove myself :)

(HUGE thanks for your time if you have read this far.... :D :D)

So here is my entry poem I posted on Carrie's Blog :)

BUSY ME!!! said...

There’s so much more that I can be,
That’s something I am beginning to see.
I am a dedicated wife, and mother,
Try to be respectful to others.

But lately I have had a need
To find something that is missing it seems,
It’s a business venture I’m working at growing,
But how I do need help to get it going.

Sitting in my lounge is a serger and sewer,
Some beads, Felt, yarn, and acrylic paints among others.
My dream would be to have a business that combines
All of these things and business success also in my life

I’m first to admit as a mother of 3
Time is something that more of I need.
You see, other than my family, my passions are
Craft and the internet by far.

I’ve always wondered how,
to combine both for business and fun.
A site like this would fulfill my dreams,
I am confident I’m the one.

I would pledge from the day I was owner,
To raise the site as if it were my own child,
To dedicate, time, finances and effort,
To absolutely enjoy and be dedicated, body, soul and mind.

I’m not an absolute internet wiz,
But I have a strong, keen mind and learn rather quick.
I have a business background, but now am a full time mum
And I have such a strong feeling, my life’s journey has just begun.

Not much more that I can tell you,
Except thankyou for your time, If you vote for me, I wouldn’t disappoint you.


Marcia said...

That is a beautiful poem! I am very, very impressed.

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog