Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Behaviour that calls for Tough Love!!!

Hi Myla, this post is dedicated to you :)

Ok, so previously I quickly posted about our Teenage Visitors in an attempt to explain why my poor blog has suffered and had absolutely no attention.....

Just to summarise, we offered hubby's cousin (aged 16) and her friend (almost 18) a place to stay while they found themselves a job and a place to live. WEEEEELLLLLLL we didn't realise that their idea of finding accomodation and employment involved:

a) Sleeping in until lunchtime
b) Waking up, raiding the food cupboard, taking 2 hours to get ready to leave the house
c) Leaving the house dressed in entirely inappropriate clothing for house or job hunting (OK I am feeling SSSOOOOOOOO old right now... pmsl!!)
d) Coming home after 15 minutes saying that it was too hot, stripping off, leaving only a bikini on and heading to the beach.
e) Coming home to sleep again after going to the beach, driving around for a while to find boys to make friends with
f) Waiting around for dinner to be served to you
g) Having dinner and leaving the house to make "friends" with previously mentioned "boys"
h) Coming home all giggly wanting to chat about having "such a great day!!!!"


Not to mention that in this time, my poor eldest had gone to pre-school and cried to his teacher that he had people living in his bedroom and he wanted them to go away!!!

AND one of our friends had organised to come and stay, as we had a baby shower to go to on the weekend just past... so that meant another 5 people staying here, which was fine, except now the 2 teenagers were taking up one of our only spare matresses and an entire room :(

These girls seemed so oblivious to the fact they were being absolutely lazy and impacting on a house full of people........ and I don't want to stereotype teens, but they often don't see outside of their own personal "world" and with these girls that was the exact problem.....

I actually can't believe how little respect they had considering we were nice enough to let them stay here and basically do whatever they liked,,,,, it was the lack of respect that got to me and SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO I couldn't hold it in anymore.....

Stay tuned for the moment that changed the world... LOL (ok so not the world, but put an end to their easy ride anyway) haha


Myla said...

Thank you for the honor of a post dedicated to me. There is a first time for everything, on my birthday weekend no less. The first present I have received and I appreciate it very, very much.