Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rest In Peace Steve Irwin - You Changed Our World

There is absolutely nothing more important to
write about today than the earth shattering tragedy that shook the world one year ago today.... the passing of the world's greatest wildlife warrior..............

Still to this day it does not feel "real" that Steve is no longer with us. I am never more proud to be Australian than when I celebrate the life of such an amazing person. This morning hubby left for work dressed in his Khaki's :)

I chose that picture -----------> because to me, Steve Irwin was such a magical personality, but I can honestly say that I look up to him as a parent. What an amazing father, throughout his fame, his travels, you could literally SEE the love he had for his children..... the adoration he had for his kids shone from his eyes, and his expression............... I am ever grateful to his family that we got to share so much of him with them.

Here in our home, there is not a week goes by without a mention of Steve. He is a Hero to us, and to our children. Mr 4 says at least once a week that he is going to be a "wildlife warrior" when he grows up. He watches his crocodile hunter dvd's and he enjoys every moment. We have pet pythons and bearded dragons and we continually use Steve and his wisdoms to teach our children about the need to have respect for animals and to take action to save and protect them.
I would urge everybody to make a donation to steve's wildlife charity http://www.wildlifewarriors.org.au/ We donate regularly here because I feel it is the one charity I can be 100 % sure uses every cent I donate to change our world for the better........
Rest In Peace Steve, Our Mate........ and everybody mark September 15 on your calendar, it's Steve Irwin Day :)


Myla said...
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Myla said...

I absolutely love this post. Time passes so quickly. I truly believe that only the good die young. He was a wonderful example to all of us. Not only as the best wildlife warrior of all time but as a wonderful man, friend, husband and father. He has touched and continues to touch so many lives.

I will definitely commemorate September 15th in his honor on my blog.


Myla said...

I think Steve Irwin day is on November 15th, I wanted to make sure I had the date correct.