Saturday, September 1, 2007

Father's Day Tomorrow!!!

The kids are SO EXCITED that its Father's day tomorrow......... Hubby's latest hobby is Bullriding of all things, so luck has it that a bull riding series has just been released on DVD.... He also wants a "multi-tool" with a knife/screwdriver etc so he can use it at rodeo's. So his father's day is all sorted.

What I really feel down about is the fact that he knows that is what he will be getting. Normally I go all out and surprise him, but honestly, this week there have been so many bills roll in that unfortunately I couldn't buy all the things for him I wanted to.... He will still be more than happy with what he will get, but I really wanted to get him a shiatsu massage chair thingy....... Oh well at least that leaves me with a good gift idea for Christmas :)

Ooooops writing this just reminded me that I haven't organised the kids to make his card yet, and he'll be home from work soon..... better go and do that now ;)