Monday, September 10, 2007

Sleep AND Cheeseburgers........

So, did anyone realise that lack of sleep is the equivalent of eating 2 cheeseburgers!!!! No wonder I am carrying a few extra pounds, between running around after kids, getting up to them through the night, and sitting here on the computer until the weeeeeee hours of the morning, I think I may be carrying around the entire McDonalds worth of cheeseburgers :D

But seriously, If lack of sleep means that I will put on as much weight as eating 2 cheeseburgers does that mean I can pig out on 2 cheeseburgers and sneak off to the bedroom for a long long sleep and I will still come out even..... aaaaaaahhhhhhhh what a life that would be :P

Seriously, I saw the story on a morning news show.... maybe, for health's sake I really should get over my cyber addiction and go to bed a little earlier..... or NOT..... PMSL