Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tacke It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I don't have any photos of my tackle it Tuesday again this week..... I promise some photos next week......... this week I SCRUBBED and yes I mean literally got down on my hands and knees and SCRUBBED the bathroom....

Wow does it feel great to have a clean spotless bathroom....... I prewarned you all in other posts that I am a hopeless housewife, so it should be no surprise that in order to clean the bathroom properly it was a matter of lots of bleach and hard work... LOL....

I am actually quite starting to enjoy having clean areas in the home.. and am becoming a "nazi mum" the poor kids don't know whats hit them.... listen at any time in our home right now and you are sure to hear:

"shoes off"
"stop right there with that food"
"sit at the table"
"DO NOT splash water"............ hopefully it won't take everybody too long to use a little of their own initiative in remembering my "new rules" and ALL fingers and toes crossed that means less cleaning for me (one can only dream right!!!!)


Smanda said...

hope the kids catch on and help you keep the house clean!

Emily said...

Congrats on getting that bathroom floor to sparkle! I worked in my bathroom for Tackle It Tuesday also! I've been walking in to my bathroom for no reason all night just to look at my clean sink and shelves! LOL

Sara said...

Wow! I'm impressed, I'd be scared to kneel on our bathroom floor. I guess that means I probably should!