Saturday, August 25, 2007

10 Things I love about motherhood......

  1. **The fact that no matter how messy my hair is and how daggy my clothes are the kids don't notice
  2. **The smiles and laughter we all share together
  3. **That I have an excuse for the saggy baggy parts and stretch marks
  4. **That I have an excuse for the grey hairs I have
  5. **That I have an excuse not to go out to boring events (because one of the kids has suddenly come down with a phantom illness)
  6. **That I have an excuse for the messy house...... well kids are my excuse and I'm sticking to it
  7. **That I get to escape from 9 to 5 work (even though sometimes being a mother is harder)
  8. **That I get to watch kids movies and pretend its just because the kids want to even though I really love them
  9. **That I often have a trip down memory lane through my own childhood when discovering things with my kids
  10. **Watching my hubby with the kids (Its a bonus if he's actually taking some initiative to clean up spuke or a dirty diaper) but I love seeing them enjoy each others company


Leeann said...

Hello! I was browsing blogs, trying to find some other Mom's blogs. I like to read about other Mom's lives and realize that mine is not extraordinary or extra-stressful...other people are living my same life! :) I am a stay-at-home Mom, new to the "blog world" and any contact with the outside world...with people that are potty trained :) is great! Thanks for posting!