Friday, August 24, 2007

And we brought the rain!!!!

So it continues..... No rain in Moree for 3 months and of course it follows us there.... Bad thing for us, Great news for the town and their farm crops.... But call me selfish, what a wonderful start to our trip....NOT!!!

Don't get me wrong, I had been dying to see my friend who moved away a few months ago but 3 kids trapped in a house for 2 days and having your car literally "skate and slide" up the driveway to get to the house with a huge risk of getting stuck is a real test of my dedication :) Thank god hubby is a great driver on dirt roads because if it was me, we'd been bogged and trapped in knee deep mud within minutes!!!

We stayed for 2 days, on the second day the kids were released into the mud pit!! Miss 2 found great joy getting "stuck in muddy puddles".... This was after they were dressed to head into town to go to dinner mind you!!!

Its amazing when you are living out of a suitcase and you have dressed the kids in their only set of decent clothes that are clean and CLEARLY said to hubby "make sure they don't get dirty, we are leaving to go to dinner soon" and he replies, "yep ok" that he later tells you "You never told me that!!!" - Men and selective hearing!!!

That night we tackled the driveway again to head into dinner at one of the local pubs... Of course this was the idea of my childless friends. Travelling with children and visiting friends without them sometimes has many interesting insights...... We all ordered good hearty meals and even Mr 4 ate some of his dinner, which for him is a huge deal.

I thought they were really well behaved. Mr 5 months sat in a highchair and had a great time sucking on a potato chip..... Even though Mr 4 and Ms 2 kept themselves fairly well entertained without destroying anything I could still feel the disapproval of the childless parties at the table..... I am definately going to chat about this topic soon, its a really hard one to deal with sometimes!!!

Another trip up the driveway after dinner and we headed home..... Another problem with my kids is that they are night owls, they stay up often until after 10pm, and I am yet to find a way to alter their behaviour... This is fine at home where we do our own thing, but put them in a house with other adults who need to "get sleep" to go to work and fly home the next day and I start to feel Motherhood guilt again about raising obviously feral children whom I appear to have very little control over!!!!!

Thats exactly what happened straight after dinner when we got home, and it had happened the night before. I love my girlfriends, but I was just longing to be at home where ferals can be ferals (even though in my opinion they were doing really well considering they were locked inside a strange house and hadn't yet broken anything) and I can relax.......

After a big tidy up the next morning we left back down the muddy driveway along and even worse dirt road that took 40 minutes to drive along onto our next adventure to see hubby's grandparents!!!!!!