Friday, August 17, 2007

See what I mean??

I am so sure it's not just me who does this:

We are travelling to see some friends this evening, and yet again, I have been putting off buying anything for myself.. I mean, why spend money on me when there's SO many other things that it could be spent on right??!!!???? aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Damn Mother guilt!!!!!

So off I went... its not like I wanted to buy the latest Armani suit or anything, nope, simply just wanted some track pants a new t-shirt and sweater......... Oh crap!! Why are all clothes priced over $20 an item :( Don't the store owners know that I must locate all pieces of clothing for $5 or less or for some reason it seems I would rather walk around in rags... I mean come-on!!!! Motherhood guilt at its best right??!!!!

Well I eventually persuaded myself to buy a pair of track pants and t-shirt, spending exactly $22 in total.... still no sweater in sight that I could bring myself to purchase, "oh damn" I remembered that dear husband of mine has a rodeo gig on this weekend and to complete his outfit I really wanted to buy him a nice new "cowboy" shirt...... So off I march and instantly find a $25 shirt that will look great, pick it up and off to the counter!!!

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! I am so happy to spend money on hubby, who by the way has spent over $1500 on his new hobby of rodeo lately yet I am more than content to feed the hobby by spending MORE money on him......!!!!! Do I not DESERVE to keep warm and look a little decent when we visit friends???!!!!!!?????

And to make it worse I KNOW its not logical behaviour, otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it here would I!!!! I honestly think it comes down to needing to be sure that everyone else (mainly the kids but yep even hubby) has everything they need. And what if we had an emergency while we are away and need extra cash??!!!!?? And hubby can spend thousands on things he wants to do, so someone has to be the responsible party in this family don't they????!!????

All the reasoning in the world doesn't make my behaviour right, but still there's no way on earth I will be buying a sweater before we leave, I might just borrow one of hubby's I'm sure he has one lurking in his overflowing closet somewhere........................................