Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This inspiration is JUST what I need!!!! I am a self confessed hopeless housewife.... I am never on top of housework, actually it's almost always piles of junk that are falling on top of us its so bad... LOL!!!!

While blog browsing I found this at 5minutesformom.com and its definately gonna be one I join in regularly!!!! YAY!!!

This tuesday for starters we shampoo'd our entire carpet... well actually it was Monday that we did it, and I spent today trying to organise everything back into place!!!! I have so much to do around here that I need a tackle it day every day, but at least if I post my goal publicly on tuesdays I will be more likely to get something done :D Stay tuned, I will find something good for next week and include photos to shame myself ;)......


Anonymous said...

It's time to shampoo our carpets again too. I need to call a friend so we can go halvies on a machines.

My TT is up: Tackle it Tuesday

juju-bee said...

I just started tackle it tuesday as well for the same reason, accountability! i love that just cleaned carpet feeling.

Tina said...

Thats why I started doing "tackle it"...for the accountability :)Thanks for commenting on my blog :)