Saturday, August 25, 2007

Smoke Signals!!!!

Sorry for the bore with the previous post........ Just a way to jog my memory about the many things I want to scream about!!!! Our muddy, middle of nowhere trip to visit friends was NOTHING on the trip to visit hubby's grandparents!!

Picture this: Small living room, All windows closed because its cold outside and a chain smoking grandma sitting in a lounge chair in the middle of the room...... This is the environment I have to take my children to each time they visit their great grandma!!!

IT is SUFFOCATING not to mention

Needless to say we don't stay there long..... It's impossible to really, it starts to make you feel sick just being stuck in the house........

Mr 4 politely told his great grandma that smoking is for bad people and its yucky and would kill her!!!! And believe me I didn't correct him. Fine she's old school and all but who could possibly miss all of the "SMOKE KILLS" ads on tv in newspapers, plastered everywhere.... yet when we visit she still sits and smokes around the children!!!!

The mother in me can't stand it, I didn't bring children into the world to have them subjected to harmful smoke by their own great grandma... not that this woman is particularly the maternal type and I guess that shows............