Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mother GUILT!!!! What is it???

I really think the term "mother guilt" should be added to the dictionary.....

I used to think it was just me as a parent who felt ridiculously guilty over every decision or action I made relating to my children!!!

Who knew that such a strong emotion was about to take over my world the moment I gave birth???!!??? Not me thats for sure..... and perhaps nobody told me because nobody else knew either..... perhaps it is a figment of our own generation, something that didn't exist in the past???

Or perhaps it did exist and just as it is now, nobody talked about it much???!!!!

SO WHAT IS IT??? Making us all feel so guilty.....????My definition:

Mother guilt: An overwhelming feeling of guilt, normally derived from the belief that every parenting action or decision you make about your child is ruining their life and will cause them to spend thousands of dollars on therapy as an adult to recover from the mental and emotional scars caused by your lack of effective parenting skills!!!!!

That is the best definition I could create, but for me, that describes perfectly how I feel at least once a day!!!!

The funny thing is that I used to think it was just me, and I felt that way because I actually was a bad parent..... It didn't take long after chatting to a couple of other mums (while sitting at the computer thereby making my children "cyber orphans" of course) to realise that perhaps I am not the worlds worst mother, nor am I the only one feeling unecessary guilt for the way I cope with parenting!!!

Mind you I am writing this as Ms 2 sits on my lap watching a dvd while I am typing away.... and the local time here is....... 12.50am and she has preschool in the morning!!!!............ oh dear!!!