Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

Please take some time right now to say I love you to all you care about.

Tonight I was directed towards a site which shows the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Feature Photography Titled: A Mother's Journey. This is some of the most confronting and thought provoking photography I have seen in a long time. WARNING: If you are easily upset, the photos contain images the journey of a mother nursing her young son through cancer.... he eventually passed away :(

5 years ago, I sat with my husband and family as we watched his mother pass away from cancer. She was 48 years old and I considered that way too young to die. I often think of her, and remember how short life is. But its even more horrifying when you see a child have to battle that way, and the strength of his mother as she stays by his side.

It is such a reminder that SO MANY things we worry about every day are INSIGNIFICANT!!! We get once chance at life and we never know how long we or our loved ones are here for....

Right now I really just want to hold my children close to me and never, EVER let them go..........


Kimberley said...

What a moving piece of art. I could not imagine the pain and sorrow felt by that family. I do not think that I could be so gracious as to allow someone to photograph me in my worst moments but I believe that is what makes it so moving! Thank you for sharing.