Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Babies have personalities from the moment they are born......

I remember noticing with my 3 babies not long after they were born, certain character traits I am sure they will all carry with them further into life. I look at my kids and their personalities often. So similar and yet so different. My little girl is strong, she is tough both mentally and physically... Her older brother, strong but soft at the same time, and the little baby man, well he's just content, happy and relaxed. It will be interesting to see if he stays that way as he grows up.

MR 4:
A fairly laid back baby, always on the go, and always wanting some sort of attention. Intelligent and happy. He's a soft soul...... loves affection.... He's small in build, with a big heart... He can be a lazy kid. If there's something he can get you to do for him instead of doing it himself he will!!!

A challenge from the start. She is such a beautiful little girl, the only way I have described her personality from when she was quite young is "quirky". She is quirky there's no other way to describe her. She has this cheeky attitude that flows from her without effort. She's tough, she's demanding, she's energetic and an absolute handful. Strong willed yet so innocently adorable all at the same time.

MR 5 Months:
Laid back, happy and content. He is a dream baby. There's nothing more to say. If I could be sure I would have more like him I would have more children... but of course there's no guarantees, and to be honest, 3 really does keep you on your toes anyway!!!